Dedicated to healthy mind, beauty, and spirit

Dedicated to healthy mind, beauty, and spirit

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Its common knowledge that dogs who share their lives with humans require obedience training, otherwise they can be aggressive, hyperactive, destructive, and eliminate inappropriately. Owners who do not train their puppies deserve to be shunned for boorish, improperly socialized dogs. Dogs cannot train themselves. Consistent training eliminates confusion helping a dog know his place in the world and understand right from wrong. The ideal relationship between dog and trainer includes mutual respect and well defined roles. Once trained, dogs can be extended greater freedom as they’ll be more trustworthy. A confident, reliable dog you can take anywhere is a constant pleasure. Well respected canines are valuable members of their communities.

OPS! Did I say dogs?
I meant boys.

"Training" is really consciousness awakening. Women are accountable for their evolution as well, but in this metaphoric training story, women are chew toys:

Chew toys come in many different shapes, sizes and materials it can be hard to decide on just one. There are squeaky toys, tough chew toys, toys that crackle, chew bones with a ham scent and almost indestructible chew toys. What dog doesn’t love a good chew toy?

Stores are stuffed with short, tight chew toy clothes that attract untrained men. These items entice girls to dress like female celebrities who push the boundaries of exposure. When a twenty something ingĂ©nue covered her entire figure in an Oscar gown, the co-hosts of “Fashion Police” moaned that she was too young to be dressing that old, suggesting that girls should "give it up" while they can. Hollywood fashion stylist, George Kotsiopoulos emphatically objected to their criticism, “Girls need to stop dressing like hookers! Girls - stop dressing like hookers - it’s ridiculous!”

I question what is gained from excessive physical exposure (and discomfort from tight clothes and high heels). A young man told me women his age dress a certain way to let guys know if they will “give it up.” If men degrade their behavior toward women, it’s doubly sad when women meet them there. Giving is one half of an exchange to a grateful receiver. A woman who loves herself exudes a confident and trustworthy vibe, suggesting a person of value and substance. When a man is hunched over he resembles an ape, and when he stands erect he appears more evolved. A woman who loves herself won’t fall for a monkey.

In the film, “The Miracle Worker”, Helen Keller’s teacher Anne Sullivan witnesses Helen at the dinner table with her family. Helen, deaf and blind, wanders in to the room with her arms projected, feeling her way to the food. She plunges her hands into everyone’s plate, scattering food like an animal. No one objects. Her family gives her control by not rejecting the behavior. Are we the collective family afraid to object to the spiritually deaf and blind?

Too many women are looking for love and attention but can’t figure out how to get it beyond the physical body. The symptoms of desperate longing include self sacrifice and poor choice of companion. Squandering self worth is a lousy price to pay for the empty promise of something. Stunningly beautiful women are jilted, proving that physical assets do not guarantee fidelity or security. Demi Moore’s statement, “I’m not really lovable or worthy of being loved” is shocking because we might assume that beauty is the opportunity to attract love, and attractiveness comes before self esteem, but it’s really the other way around.

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  1. Right on sistah, chew on that! So glad to have you and your thoughts back in the hive! Lets keep things buzzing...